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God has given all people natural abilities: talents, learned behaviors, and skills that become part of our impact in the world. Although these abilities are not the same as spiritual gifts, they are God-given, so will complement and enhance our overall SHAPE. The Abilities Assessment will help you identify those areas you are willing to share where you have demonstrated natural talents and life skills either as a professional, a volunteer, or in other experiences. Please indicate the abilities you think God may be calling you to use by selecting the words that best describe your skills and that resonate with your personal experience.  If you have an ability that is not listed below, please type it in the box at the end.

Step One: Ask God to give you clarity in appraising your Abilities.

Step Two: Consider the following questions: What abilities do I have that I am willing to share in service to others? What can I do that I enjoy doing? What do others appreciate about the skills I have that could enhance my service to Christ? What contribution do I make on a team or to a project?

Caution: You will likely have areas where nothing is checked. Only check those areas you would want to consider as part of your SHAPE.

Biblical reference:
Matthew 5:14-16